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Peter Urie, CEO of Star Pictures

Star Pictures is a new production company that specialises in creating, finding, developing and producing smart films and television, movies TV that people want to watch.

Founded by Peter Urie, Star Pictures is a new creative outlet for both film and TV media.

As a former TV producer responsible for successful shows such as ITV’s multi BAFTA winning Art Attack and The Clothes Show for the BBC, Peter Urie has production values in his blood. The aim is to place Star Pictures as theĀ  leader in the UK film businessĀ  “I know what films sell in the UK and how to sell them. I am now looking for the movies that fit my way of working.”

We are now in active development of a children’s animation and live action series. Both series have been developed in-house and will be ready to pitch to broadcasters both in the UK and internationally this summer.